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Meditate for Total Wellness

Good for the body, mind, heart, and soul.



Meditation is much more than a spiritual activity. Meditation has been proven to have many health benefits and is now being used effectively in managing life threatening diseases, transforming molecular and genetic structure, and even to help reverse mental illnesses.  

There are countless types of meditation, some more disciplined than others. The best meditation? The one you do, consistently. Veteran meditators keep at it because they have experienced the benefits and meditation has become a priority. Beginners need to persist until they feel it, sometimes right away, sometimes in a few weeks, sometimes longer.

The key is to begin and to make a commitment, then continue until it becomes a top priority for you. Then other activities begin to rank themselves underneath meditation; it becomes the rallying activity for everything else and you wouldn't miss it for anything.


Increases blood flow, slows the heart rate, reduces anxiety, decreases muscle tension, and leads to deeper levels of relaxation. Meditation increases serotonin production which influences mood and behavior and enhances the strength of your immune system. Research shows that meditation increases the activity of our natural killer cells, which can kill bacteria and cancer cells.  


Many long timemeditators report that it is increasingly difficult to still the mind these days. There are three obvious reasons for this: 

1. There are now seven billion humans on the planet and our shared consciousness has an incredible amount of electric activity occurring 24/7. 

2. There is much more external noise to deal with in our busy, civilized worlds. 

3. Social media is conditioning us to be actively engaged with stimulating content all day long and often right up to bed time. 

We recommend brain balancing audio programs to assist in the modern meditation process. We use a technology called High Tech Meditation developed at the Synchronicity Foundation and give away a sample track on our site which includes three levels: 

1. Special music with brain balancing technology embedded in it. 

2. The NOW technology, another therapeutic program. 

A subliminal track of simple affirmations voiced by us. We provide the script for what we say. Request it by emailing us here.