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AI is only here to help us ...

I was driving the other day and listening to NPR. An ad of some sort came on and I heard a woman's soothing voice say, "AI is here to help us adjust to the new society."

Wow. I almost pulled over to the side of the road. 

AI is here to help us ... OK, but what's this new society? One that continues to ignore nature, climate change, racism, economic insanity, etc? My experience is that AI is entraining me to live in a virtual world, glued to my phone or computer screen or television, ignoring "the real," as it's called in Netflix's series Altered Carbon. 

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Take the virus/vaccine situation (please!). Here is an historic victory of media manufactured hysteria promoting technology (vaccines) over anything natural (strengthening our immune systems). In the AI society, technology fixes everything. Nature? Natural cures? Conspiracy theories.

I just read a blog demonizing a podcaster who dared advise caution in taking the vaccine. See, no uncertainty is allowed. We have only ones or zeroes in this digital world. The vaccine is all good or all bad. No room for, uh, exploration and debate. Sounds like a real democracy! Sounds like a new society, thank you AI!

Check this out:

And let me know what you think.