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Waking Up

Everything changes ...

Everything changes when we wake up. We get out of bed and start interacting with the physical environment and other people. 

But there's another state between sleeping/dreaming and wakefullness: being in a trance. Some psychologists believe that many people are walking around in a hypnotic trance much of the time. This is certainly true, sadly, in relationship to our health.

Hypnosis is defined as "the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction." So, examining what's happening with the pandemic, how much of what's going on is voluntary? Did you come up with the idea of wearing a mask? Were you presented with clear data that convinced you this was the right thing to do?

What about Covid tests? Do you understand how important "cycling" is for the PCR test and why so many medical scientists present strong evidence that PCR test results are highly questionable?

And what about the vaccines? Were you invited to consider reasoned explanations why, for the first time in human history, a vaccine could be developed so fast (under a year when it usually takes 10 - 15 years) with a virtual guarantee of no long term side effects? Did you consciously volunteer your body and your life, with full information available to you, into an experiment in just how much money pharmaceutical companies can make with zero liability? 

I'm asking questions here, not stating a position. What are your answers, to yourself?

The second part of that hypnosis definition says that, in a trance, we are "highly responsive to suggestion or direction." Have any suggestions been made to us? How about direction? Seriously, look at how the world has changed, with billions of us marching along in lockstep to suggestions, directions, laws that... if we bob our heads above water for a moment, make absolutely no rational sense. For instance, an Oregon school girl recently collapsed after running an 800-meter race because she was wearing a mask. Oxygen deprivation was the culprit but masks were mandated for outdoor activities by The State. Now The State has changed that rule... after this unforeseen "side effect." Wow, who would have imagined that running full out with a mask on could contibute to oxygen deprivation? Total rocket science. 

What other "side effects" loom on the horizon  that will prompt changes in laws, after the guinnea pigs (that's us) have done our sacrificial jobs?

Health Yourself is the unusual name of our business. It's a play on words that emphasizes personal responsibility for our own health. I know that you are already doing this to some extent. But there's always more. We don't awaken fully all at once, after all. The priority today is to awaken to the urgent health crisis we face, to acknowledge that these are completely unprecedented times and that it is vitally important to educate ourselves and consciously choose what we do (for instance, to get a vaccine or delay getting a vaccine), not because we are conspiracy nuts but because we dare to be intelligent and responsible, refusing to go along with the crowd, the way millions of ordinary people  did in Nazi Germany. Imagine, they WERE just like us, except they didn't wake up. And, in their shared trance, they enabled one of the worst atrocies in human history.

I don't want to be a party to anything like that, do you?