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Big Health Announcement

What if?

Using the time machine of my mind, I’m taking you back to March last year for a Big Health Announcement from the Top Expert in the Government Responsible for Keeping Us Healthy.

“Today, as we prepare to deal with this new virus, our Official Recommendation to all Americans is to do whatever you can to stay healthy. Some of you will need to change habits, begin eating healthy, exercising regularly, managing stress. Others, who have already invested in their personal health must speak out, share with friends and families what they know about how our immune systems fight disease.

“Virologists have begun working at break neck speed to develop and vaccine and, God and science willing, it could be ready within a year. Until then, it is vital - and we can’t stress this enough - to be responsible for yourselves. Absolutely, consult your doctor and listen to what they say about your body and how you must care for it, adjust your behaviors to avoid high risk activities like binge drinking and depleting yourself through missing sleep and overworking. And please be aware that anxiety and fear are not healthy. So, while it is understandable that we should feel concerned about this as-yet unknown threat to our health, let’s remember that our bodies are miraculous. They heal themselves but we need to support them.

“Your government is doing everything it can to educate about what to do in the months ahead, while we wait for the vaccine. Please, do not expect a miracle cure, even from the vaccine. We are confronted with a profound lesson, that we can’t rely only on drugs and doctors to keep us healthy. We must take personal responsibility for our own health.

“Thank you for your willingness to do whatever you must do to ensure that you and your family stay safe while we navigate these challenging times. Our website is being populated with articles and videos from a wide range of health professionals, giving you their proven natural therapies. Nothing is being presented as a cure-all and please be vigilant to seize on any supposed miracle cure. Again, your body will heal itself. Our responsibility is to support it the best we can. This means being open minded, rejecting nothing, but doing our own research and asking our doctor, to determine what is the best support for our individual bodies.

“Thank you for seizing the day, for meeting this challenge as the opportunity of our lifetime, to reverse the trend towards chronic disease in this country, up from 4% in 1962 to 46% in 2015. One day we may come to see this virus as a blessing. For now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work, improving our health while we let the scientists do their work. God bless them, God bless you, and God bless America.”