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Conscious Living Fair in Ashland

We'll have a booth, Saturday, Oct 26 at the Ashland Hills. 10 - 5.

Another first is on the way - our first health fair.


We'll be at the Ashland Hills hotel all Saturday, October 26, 10 - 5, and we'll bring our sauna plus other home health equipment. We hope you can make it and invite your friends. It's just $5 entry and there are prizes and giveaways galore.


What a great way to spend the day! There are so many tugs on our time but it's a great investment to make in ourselves, to immerse ourselves in conscious living! Some would say that this is the real story on the planet, that humans are becoming more conscious. Some others would say the opposite and have proof that we are becoming LESS conscious! I think it's both.


Years ago the giant motivational speaker Tony Robbins declared that he was elevating "health" to the number one position on his Top Ten List of personal priorities. Why? Because, as he said, if you aren't healthy, nothing brings you pleasure.


You may be struggling with symptoms. You may want to prevent illness. Regardless, now is the best time time "health yourself" and this fair is the best location on Saturday, October 26.


See you there!