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Health Yourself Tip #1

What else could it be but ... Be Grateful!

Welcome to a new feature: The Top Twelve Health Yourself Tips.

Number One is to be grateful. What does this have to do with health? Everything. When we are grateful, we are being thankful for something that we have already received. And, as long as we are breathing, we are receiving the gift of life.

The key to “health yourself” is to connect with the intelligent power that’s beating our hearts and steering the stars. Think about it: while you slept last night your heart kept beating. And the sun rose this morning without your help. Miracles!

If fact, we do live in a miraculous universe. So, why not be grateful? When we do, we feel ourselves abundant with the energy of life. Here's a fact: our health depends on a strong immune system. Being grateful connects us with the energy that keeps our micro-soldiers strong!

Here comes the coronavirus, maybe. We’ll take precautions, of course. But the best preventative strategy is to be grateful for being alive. This raises our enjoyment level and lowers our stress level, getting us into optimum emotional shape, to deal with whatever comes our way.

Health Yourself Tip Number One: Be Grateful!

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