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Is it really all in your head?

Not quite!

Sometimes when a person has a mysterious disease they may wonder if they are making it up, if it's all just in their head.


Yes and no.


No, if you have real symptoms there are real causes. Yes, because our thoughts and feelings activate our genes and influence our health.


If you really want to healthy yourself, the first step is to regain control of your creativity. Sadly, school does its best to suppress our natural inventiveness, sticking us behind desks and programming us to routines. But we're adults now so we aren't constrained to limited thinking and behaving anymore... except that we are!


That past programming is difficult to change.


On the other hand, it's easy to change! We change habits one choice at a time. But it's repetition that makes them stick. Making a healthier choice once, twice, a dozen times ... at some point we reach a tipping point and the new habit becomes our default setting. Now it is easier to do the healthy thing than the sick thing.


It WAS in our heads after all. But it had to show up in our lives too.


What old habit will you start replacing with a new one today? How about drinking more water?


That's how easy it is to health yourself!