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Why Not?

Being healthy is easy. Sort of.

Let's pretend this is a contest. The prize is personal health.

Here's the contest question: What haven't we heard during this last year from doctors, health scientists, and politicians?

And ... drum roll please ... for the grand prize (personal health): We haven't heard much about the importance of strengthening our immune systems. Uh, that's kind of important in fighting infection.

So, why not?

We haven't heard about this because that would empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health instead of paying someone else to do what they won't do for themselves. And, let's face it, fear works so well, to motivate people to become "sheeple" to just follow the rules, whatever they are, without protest, without thinking, without independent research.

Anyone who dares inquire is instantly branded a lunatic. Take this virus situation (please, take it, far away, like to another planet!). The other day I met a stranger to buy something that he'd listed on Craig'sList. He asked if I was OK not wearing masks and I said "sure." We were outside. He assured me that he'd been vaccinated. Automatically, before I could even think, out came the words, "I'm sorry." And just as spontaneously, I heard him reply, "I chose life."

The vaccine has been presented as our savior. Even though doctors and the CDC are careful to admit that being vaccinated doesn't 100% prohibit catching and spreading Covid, this man and millions of others who have been injected with an untested medicine (developed in months, whereas vaccines typically take 10-15 years to get to market) now feel safe. They can relax with the masks and social distancing. And, whew, that was close, they can continue to avoid taking actual, practical steps to improve their personal health.

Even though we have a fairly open minded audience, I'm betting there may be someone reading this right now who now thinks I (Will writing here) is an anti-vaxxer, even though I have said nothing to give that impression, except to state facts. I'm writing about taking personal responsibility for our health and using this virus/vaccine situation as an example of how we avoid doing that.

Another question: what have we all done differently to maintain our health since this pandemic landed on us a year ago? If we haven't changed our health habits to guard against this extreme risk, why not? Have we just been waiting for the vaccine?

Why not do everything we can to stay healthy? You and I already know a bunch of things we could be doing that we are not doing. Get vaccinated, by all means, if that's your pleasure. I'm not writing about that. What else will you and I do? Doing nothing is a choice.

Why not learn what to do and then just do it? We'll support you in any way we can. That's why our business is called "Health Yourself!"