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Water, Water Everywhere!

Tashina and I just returned to Ashland, Oregon from three months in Maui, staying a few blocks from where we used to live. It was amazing, especially to experience how healthy it is to have so much daily sunshine. It’s interesting to realize that we are always “eating” sunlight because all food is the result of sun power plus water.


Which introduces today’s theme: water. We can live a long time without food but water is a constant necessity. It’s fair to say that most of us don’t drink enough. I’m not going to try and convince you about how important this is, you probably already know. What I would like to do is inspire you to create a new habit – drinking water throughout the day.


For the moment, let’s forget about how much you “should” drink. None of us like to be “should” upon. Drinking water is not a duty, it’s natural. But at least some of our cravings for food are probably our body’s request for water. We’re just in the habit of reaching for food instead of reaching for water. Let’s change that.


Bribery works pretty well for kids so let’s use the same technique on ourselves. How about: “If you drink more water every day for a month you will receive $100.” Is that appealing enough to begin developing this new habit? So, where does the $100 come from? That’s what I’m guessing we could save in food not eaten for a month because you substituted with water.


OK. $100 probably isn’t motivating enough for some of us. Let’s up the stakes. How about $5,000? What if you could save $5,000 in future medical bills by getting healthier because you are drinking more water?


So, you’re not motivated by money? Let’s try a different approach then. How about you get to avoid a painful surgery. A panicked late night ambulance trip? The embarrassment of flaking out on a hike with friends because we don’t have the energy you used to have?


Pick whatever might motivate you. The point is … let’s drink more water every day! And, for those who really would like to know why this is so important that I’ve chosen water for the first blog in this new weekly series, visit this site. It’s a mind blower.




Drink more water every day.

  1. Start each day by drinking a 32 oz. mason jar of warmed water.
  2. Carry a water bottle with you during the day.
  3. Make sure you are drinking purified water.



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