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Health Yourself Tip # 3

Grief - the medicine of sorrow.

Grief. It hollows us out, leaving us empty of joy.


Winter comes in the world, then spring. Likewise, there are seasons in our lives. Grief is not respected in our culture but it can be a deeply healing experience. In fact, it can become part of recovering our health.


Who have you lost? Contemplate the loved ones who have left this world. Pick one. A mother, father, brother or sister, a child, a best friend. Find a memory of them and relive it… just for a moment or two.


You loved them. You love them still. They don’t exist in your life now, except as memories. And grief is there.


Let go. Not of them. Keep the love flowing. But let go of the loss. Feel the grief, appreciate that it’s OK, and let it go. This doesn’t mean the sorrow fades immediately; it does mean that something stuck has begun to move.


Many of our health problems relate to stagnation. Poor circulation in the body, repeating negative thoughts in the mind, traumatic memories that haunt us.


How do we get things moving? We move!


I just stood up. I’m writing at the kitchen counter in our cabin here in the Oregon woods. As I wrote to you, I read my own words and took action. I stood up!


Change is that simple. Of course, do I move just this once or do I repeat the habit enough so that it becomes routine? Tip: setting my phone to ring every 30 minutes is a good reminder! Just did that.


Health yourself! Embrace a tiny, healthy change in any moment. Then, just rinse and repeat!