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Health Yourself Tip #4

Honesty. It's the perfect time to get realistic about our health.

Honesty. How healthy are you, really?

The global pandemic we are currently navigating is teaching us just how important our health is.

Deaths attributed to the Covid-19 virus have been occurring mostly among older people with the majority of them having pre-existing conditions. It's pretty much impossible to grow to any advanced age without having some pre-existing conditions but what matters is their severity.

Now is the perfect time to get truly honest about the state of our personal health. How would you rate your health, on a scale of 1 - 10? Especially if you knew your score was for your eyes only.

If you are anywhere on that scale below 7 or 8 it's time to take action. Prevention is all about heading trouble off at the pass so let's celebrate if you aren't suffering from chronic conditions right now, AND, take a step to health yourself so things stay this way.