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Now we know ... what, exactly?

Every day there's surprises about Covid-19.

Is it a real virus? Is it connected to pre-existing conditions? What about toxins in the environment? 5-G rollouts? Are deaths under-reported, or over-reported?

Every day brings surprises. But what we know, and will always know, is that taking responsibility for our own health is important. It makes a difference to eat healthy, to exercise regularly, and to manage our stress.

That includes how we digest news. Fear is being served up every day but that's not a healthy nutrient. Instead, we can be realistic and take the risks seriously without getting terrified (which isn't good for our immune systems).

Maybe a miracle virus will show up soon to save us. I doubt it but maybe. In the mean time, you can "health yourself" with simple, daily health habits. Get our free e-book here.