• 28 years and counting!

    A blind date at the Crossroads Cafe in Maui

    was the start of a healthy life partnership.

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    Will and Tashina Wilkinson

    Over 50 years combined experience

    in the wellness field.

    Tashina was a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Nutritional Consultant for 21 years. Will has hosted TV programs on health, designed and delivered wellness courses, and contributed to 29 books.

  • Tashina

    Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with a fast growing uterine cancer. I’d watched my older brother die, following his doctor’s orders . I didn’t want to suffer the same fate. I chose to take a different path than the medical norm.


    I did my research and assembled a team of health professionals. Our consensus was to proceed with surgery, but to opt out of chemotherapy and radiation.


    Here I am, twelve years later, strong and healthy, able to share what I've learned and help people take charge of their own health. Don't give up!

  • Will

    Many years ago I heard the giant motivational speaker Tony Robbins declare that he'd elevated HEALTH to the number one position on his Top Ten List. Without health, nothing else matters, he said, and we agree!


    Tashina and I invested in ourselves and we are healthier now than we were back then. We're offering what we've learned, to help you take charge of your own health.


    Our Health Yourself program can be done as a self-study program or with personal coaching. Details immediately below and here:

  • Tashina Wilkinson

    Cancer is not

    a death sentence,

    it's just one word.

  • Your family and friends

    all want you to be healthy and happy.

    What do you want for yourself?


    Self-care is not something we learn much about

    in this production-based society.

    But personal health should be a priority

    because if we're not healthy, we're not happy,

    and neither are those who have to take care of us!


    What you do every day makes a difference.


    You can learn simple health habits, many of them free,

    that will strengthen your immune system

    to fight off infections

    and even address chronic conditions.


    Get started with our free Healthy Habits E-book,

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