• A 12 week course in Wellness.

    Taking personal responsibility for your health.

  • " I just completed the Health Yourself program. It delivered 100% on all its promised results. I have done many programs to improve health, but this one is unique in that it was not about fixing anything or even giving me new information (although there is plenty of it on offer) -- what was the big takeaway for me was that I shifted my relationship to my own health in way that leaves me feeling empowered and responsible at a whole new level. On top of that, Will is a very talented coach and teacher and it was a great pleasure to get to interact with him regularly."


    - Joseph Friedman, Coach, Consultant, Designer and Poet

  • The Health Yourself Program

    The Investment of a Lifetime ... Yours!

    100% guarantee. *


    What are the most beneficial healthy habits?

    The ones you will do regularly (and enjoy!)

    The Self-Study Program

    With a 80-page manual, media.

    You'll receive a digital download of the manual, complete with full instructions for a three-month self study program.

    With Personal Coaching

    With Will and Tashina

    We will partner for 12 zoom or phone coaching sessions (recorded), with unlimited email and check in calls.

    Become a Coach

    Your future clients are waiting.

    The coronavirus pandemic is exposing the urgent need for competent coaches to help people take charge of their own health.

  • Wellness education that gets results.

  • What's your wellness score?

    The Health Yourself Assessment identifies your current wellness score

    and where you want to be in three months.

    Module One: Health Yourself to a Healthy Mind

    "Thoughts become things." - Bob Proctor

    How we think ... determines what we do ... creates the results we get.

    We have over 40,000 thoughts a day, 98% of them are the same thoughts

    we had yesterday and 80% of them are negative.

    Better health begins with changing how we think.

    Module Two: Health Yourself to a Healthy Body

    Imagine regaining a youthful enjoyment of life ...

    in a pain-free body!

    What you do most of the time

    - how you eat, exercise, rest, your hygiene habits, managing stress, etc. -

    determines how well you optimize your genetic potential.

    You can improve your health, at any age.

    Module Three: Health Yourself to Healthy Emotions

    Most people live in their heads. But the heart is where joy lives.

    If we're not fully feeling we're not fully living.

    Incredibly, we receive NO emotional education.

    This creates confusion and trauma.  

    Develop a rich, healthy emotional life.

    Module Four: Health Yourself to a Healthy Spirit

    Your human life is a reflection of your spiritual state.

    Fate is the cards we are dealt at birth, destiny is the way we play them.

    All of us were born for a reason, our lives have meaning, and true health includes feeling deeply fulfilled in life.

    Enlightenment is something we give, not get.

  • Reboot your life!

  • A different kind of experiential education.

    The Health Yourself Program is available

    as a self-study course or with personal coaching.

    100% guaranteed. *

    The Manual

    80 pages of easy-to-follow instructions in four modules. Available as a pdf or mailed in a binder.

    The Videos

    Short videos highlight key components of each module to facilitate quick learning and application.

    The Audios

    These can be downloaded to your phone for commuting and workouts.

    The Coaching

    12 recorded zoom sessions to customize the program and provide ongoing motivation.

    The Cost

    The self-study program is $97. It includes the digital manual, videos, and audios.

    The coaching program is $999 (payable in installments through PayPal credit, interest-free, available when you purchase, approximately $90 a month). Includes all materials, 12 recorded zoom coaching calls, unlimited email contact, and check in phone calls.

    The Next Steps

    1. Register for the self-study program here and receive all your materials via email. Or ...

    2. Register for the coaching program here and receive an email to set up the first call. Or ...

    3. Email if you need more information here via email or a live phone call. Or ...

    * The 100% Guarantee

    The Health Yourself Program is 100% guaranteed. This means that anyone who pays for the self-study course or the coaching program can request a refund. Our commitment is to help you get tangible results and we only want satisfied customers. We work almost entirely with doctors, friends, and friends of friends so we rely on our reputation to succeed.

    The Three Opportunities

    1. Enroll in the program and improve your health.

    2. Refer friends and receive a referral gift.

    3. Train to become a Health Yourself Coach.

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