• The RELAX Far Infrared Sauna

    "I highly recommend this RELAX sauna to all my patients.

    I use my own RELAX Far Infared Saunaregularly because I love doing something

    that feels so wonderful while I detoxify and reset my nervous system."
    ~ Dr. Elyssia Herrick, N.D., L.A.c

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    The Relax Far Infrared Sauna is small and portable, easy to set up, emits low EMF's, heats up quickly, sells for a reasonable price, and only costs 15 cents an hour to run.


    The Relax sauna emits 95% pure far infrared light, compared to conventional panels and emitters which generate just 32% - 62%. The tent is 100% safe, made from high quality nylon, not plastic, and has been tested extensively by environmental doctors and patients.


    It's easy to use. In about 8 minutes, you start sweating, and in about 15 minutes you are dripping. In about 25 minutes you've had a complete sweat.

  • Benefits of the RELAX Far Infrared Sauna:

    • Improves micro-circulation
    • Strengthens the immune system and boots metabolism
    • Enhances the delivery of oxygen into the blood
    • Promotes regeneration and fast healing
    • Improves white blood cell function
    • Increases immune response
    • Eliminates foreign pathogens and waste
    • Removes accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation
    • Detoxifies heavy metals and non-metal chemicals
    • Improves sleep
    • Reduces inflammation and edema
    • Decreases joint stiffness and muscle aches.

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  • Simply O3 Ozone Generator

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    Some therapeutic benefits of ozone generator:

    • changes the environment in your body
    • kills viruses, fungus, microbes, mold, pathogens,

      and parasites.

    • kills harmful bacteria, leaves helpful bacteria

    • cancer cells struggle to survive in an oxygen


    • stimulates white blood cells to fight infection.

    • increases oxygen in blood cells.

    • anti neoplastic. Kills outer shell of cancer cells.

    • enhances brain function.

    • speeds healing and detoxification

    • changes the environment of the body

    • improves immune function

  • Rebound Air Rebounder

    “I've used a rebounder for over 30 years and I love how easy it is to get in five to fifteen minutes of exercise without leaving the house. I always feel invigorated and mentally clearer. Rebounding is a great way to de-stress also, must be all that O2.”

    ~ T.E., Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

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    Bounce your way to super health!

    The medical industry backs rebounding as one of the safest forms of exercise on the market today. Many professional athletes use rebounders for improved performance. Rebounding is recommended by chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists, and fitness trainers.

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    Some of the Benefits of Rebounding

    • Stimulates lymphatic system drainage, preventing edema and bolstering cellular health.
    • Improves circulation and immune function.
    • Excellent for rehabilitation.
    • Improves balance and coordination.
    • Up to 68% more efficient than jogging, with less shock impact.
  • Tesla Fit Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (P.E.M.F)

    P.E.M.F therapy boots immunity for added protection.

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    Detailed information here.

    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is using electromagnets to generate pulsating magnetic fields and applying them to the body for recovery and rejuvenation. PEMF therapy has been an active research topic since more than 70 years and there are thousands of research studies and clinical trials on the this Electrotherapy modality.

  • About P.E.M.F. Therapy

    PEMF therapy is one of the best anti-aging technologies as it provides immense benefits for physiological as well as neurological health. TeslaFit PEMF makes high-intensity PEMF therapy devices for clinical and home use. Our systems also have a low intensity mode, so they can be fully utilized regularly for maintaining vitality, stamina and strength long-term.

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    Block and Reduce Pain

    PEMF therapy reduces pain in both chronic and acute conditions, often better and faster than traditional treatments. By kick-starting the cellular repair process which also improves hormonal functions, the pain is taken care of naturally due to reversal of the underlying condition.

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    Increase Growth Factors

    PEMF therapy maximizes growth factors by increasing nitric oxide production, effectively reducing inflammation and improving vascular function. It’s easily possible to improve nerve strength, hearth health, experience longevity effects and heal old injuries with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

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    Improve Cellular Repair

    PEMF therapy stimulates all tissues to have more energy to regenerate, whether as a response to normal ageing or because of an injury, no matter what the cellular dysfunction. By turbo-charging mitochondrial performance, wounds can heal up to 50% faster with PEMF therapy.

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    Increase Blood Oxygen

    High intensity PEMF therapy dramatically increases blood circulation & blood oxygenation, boosting cellular respiration & metabolism by improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. This extra oxygen is non-toxic as the cells are now capable of utilizing the extra oxygen and indeed works to rejuvenate.

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    More about the Ozone Generator

    Ozone therapy is commonplace in Europe. This unit is for home use.

    We love this company. Great customer service. And their product is GREAT. We've used ozone for years. Very powerful. READ MORE and when you are ready, BUY.

    Oxygen Machine by Longevity Resources

    Use with the rebounder for Exercising With Oxygen Therapy (E.W.O.T.)

    Using this while bouncing on the rebounder, known as Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (E.W.O.T.) is an incredible way to keep your cells oxygenated. READ MORE 

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    Meditation - The Best Stress Reducer

    Mental health is something we can improve.

    We use a brain balancing audio system developed by the Synchronicity Foundation in Virginia. Brain scans prove that meditating to these programs changes the brain, accelerating towards the brain of a long term meditator. READ MORE and when you are ready, send us an email for more information and to BUY.

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    Dr. Mark Force's Amazing Book

    Learn to read your own test results and understand how your body heals.

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