• What's the best far infrared sauna?

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  • The best portable far infrared sauna available.

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    It's small (35" x 35"), it's portable (set up and and take down in minutes), it's the best far infrared sauna we've found, and it's over $150 off retail when ordered by phone to 541 613-8890. Inquire here.

  • "Your sauna is one of the best defenses against coronavirus."

    - Dr. Erica Elliot

    "I absolutely LOVE my Relax Sauna. I have tried many saunas over the years, both traditional and far-infrared, and Relax Sauna is by far the most powerful sauna I have tried, hands down. Each time I use it, I felt a deep, penetrating heat that makes me feel as if the core of my being is fully relaxed. The Relax Sauna has become an essential tool for my home health, beauty, and detox routine."


    - Sarah West, Owner

    Ashland Colon Hydrotherapy

    "I purchased the Relax sauna from Tashina about 2 months ago. I have used it almost daily since and am in love with it. It is helping me with my cleanse/detox and I can tell is making a huge difference with my body and whole system.


    "I’ve had quite a few people comment that my “skin looks great” too, which is a benefit I wasn’t expecting.


    "I have already recommended this to many friends and will continue to do so.

    Plus, Tashina is a dream to work with …. I am one content and satisfied customer!"

    - Julie B Freed

    “We purchased our Far Infrared Sauna after testing it out for 2-3 minutes each. That’s all it took to make the leap!!


    "Little did we know how 110% pleased and satisfied we would be with daily use of what we call “the Box”. Deborah loves to go “in the dark” while I enjoy both hands out for 15-20 minutes of very relaxed reading time. Either way, with such low EMF readings, evenly distributed “safe" heat all throughout, and our heads safely “out of the box” we couldn’t be more satisfied and happy.


    "The list of benefits are totally for real, and the detox features, heavy metal clearing and overall optimal health all add up to one of the finest purchases we’ve made in the last few years. It’s a great price as well, all things considered. We Love it!”

    — Lloyd Barde & Deborah Wilder

    "As an architect who specializes in healthy homes I recommend sauna as a standard piece of equipment to my clients. The Relax Sauna is so convenient and comfortable to use that I find myself enjoying health enhancing saunas much more often than I have in the past with more conventional sauna enclosures. I sweat more profusely in far less time and, because my head remains cool I don't overheat. I love my Relax sauna."

    - Paula LaPorte, EcoNest

    "I switched from a two seater infrared cedar sauna to the Relax sauna recently and I couldn’t be happier. It used to take me 35 minutes to break a sweat, it is under 10 minutes for me in the Relax! It feels as though I’m getting a much deeper detox and muscle relaxation.


    "I nicknamed my Relax sauna Might Mouse and it is mighty for a small portable sauna.


    "Bottom line is that it was less expensive, more beneficial, and easily portable. Highly recommended by me! Buy one, you’ll be pleased!"

    - Kathleen Jakse