• Use Wellness Technologies in Your Home

    Why pay for expensive treatments when you can
    own wellness equipment to use at home?

    Far infrared saunas, ozone generators, rebounders, and more.
    Visit our products page for details and how to order.


    Imagine turning your home

    into a healing sanctuary.


    Simple, easy, affordable, fun, and effective.

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  • Every room in your home can support your health.

    Your home is more than a place to live, sleep, and raise your family,
    it's a health spa waiting to happen!

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    Equip your kitchen to create healthy, delicious meals.

    The kitchen is indeed the heart of your home. This is where you prepare the food that turns into the substance of your body. With the right kitchen appliances (some of which you may already have), healthy (and delicious) food choices, and the knowledge you need, your kitchen can become the healing hub of your home health spa.

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    Where we eat, and grow our family relationships.

    Good digestion depends on the body being in a relaxed state. This helps the food we eat easily assimilate, so we can benefit from all the nutrients. The dining room is really an alchemical extension of the kitchen, where we develop vital bodies and healthy families.

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    Here's an ideal place for your home healing equipment.

    There are affordable wellness devices you can purchase and use in your living room including the PEMF machine, air purifier and even the couch (where you can nap on your PEMF!). The living room is also where you grow your social health with friends and family playing games, watching movies, and relaxing together.

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    Creating healthy boundaries between work and life improves both.

    Health yourself to wellness resources in your home office. This is where you can surf for the latest health information online (for instance on these pages) and download video documentaries, interviews, and summits, to learn how to stay current with the latest health discoveries. Plus, learn how to detoxify your home of EMF's and dirty electricity.

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    How much sleep do you need; how much do you get?

    Sleep is vitally important and most of us don't get enough. Preparing properly for sleep can make all the difference in the world and it's easy to learn how. An organic bed and sheets helps, keeping the room dark, not using your computer right before sleep, etc.

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    Daily health habits keep our bodies tuned up at any age.

    Another great location for home wellness devices. Your bathroom can become one of the most healing rooms in your home, with an ozone generator, shower water purifier, your personal enema kit, sauna, and your sanctuary for healing baths and hydrotherapy.

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    GARDENS - Grow Inside All Year!

    Deepen your relationship with the plant world.

    A Health Yourself home includes both indoor and outdoor gardens, where you can grow organic produce, micro-greens, and sprouts all year round.