"I love to show you

    how choosing the

    right colors and textures

    and styles can reveal

    your unique essence.

    That's part of being truly healthy!"

    - Tashina

    Color Harmonics

    “Color, according to science, is vibration of light,

    in other words, radiant energy.

    As perceived color enters the psyche,

    it is subconsciously filtered into immediate reactions

    on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.”

    ~ Suzanne Caygill

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    Jewels of Light

    Customized jewelry is made to match

    your color palette, the gems infused

    with healing energy,

    specifically for you.


  • Discover your unique connection with nature.

    "I use nature to assist me in determining your colors, texture, and design, and your personal type.

    By looking at the elements of nature - trees, flowers, birds, water, animals and seasons

    - we discover your personality type.

    Your personal DNA colors will also guide us to create your customized palette, made just for you."





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    The Color Reading

    "It's like I've waited forever for a way to choose and buy clothes that make me look my best.

    Today, with my new fan in hand, I found clothing I'd never have considered before. It's magical and I'm so happy to have learned from you and to see what a difference it makes.

    "Soon I will have half the number of clothes I’ve had and will love choosing from them.

    Up until today it was difficult to find

    something to wear, even though there were

    so many clothes in my closet.”

    ~ Joanna Niemann

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    Color Harmonics

    Your skin and hair and eye color, blood tone, and personality, help determine your compatible colors.

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    The Color Fan

    With your personal one-of-a-kind color fan, you'll know what clothing and accessories to purchase PLUS what colors to choose in your home decor.

  • Your Color Fan

    Developed during a 2 1/2 hour personal consultation.

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    82 swatches of fabric chosen from Tashina's color lab of 2,800 color fabrics.

    This simplifies shopping and makes is super easy to create a wide range of outfits from your existing wardrobe.



    Hand crafted bracelets
    that are almost edible.

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    "As I explore the mystery of each bead,

    I wonder why it was chosen

    and what it may be saying

    to me and about me."

    ~ T.S. Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Every bracelet is unique, custom created just for you.

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    Sparkle with greens, grasses, and limes.

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    Accessorize with creams, caramels, and ivory.

  • What clients are saying

    about color consulting with Tashina:

    "My closet slowly but surely has transformed to reflect my color ranges and everything goes together beautifully. So now I feel a whole new freedom of creativity that used to be a burden of choices. Even the colors in my home are beginning to shift to reflect my twilight summer essence!"

    ~ Julianna in Alaska

    I feel transformed!

    "I had a wonderful time with you the other day and have already been incorporating the things I learned from you. The information you shared was so simple, yet effective. People are really noticing me now. Things are definitely changing (for the better) in my life. You have been an important part of that."

    ~ Ellen Wisewoman

    This is independence!

    "Thank you for our beautiful time together! I am so inspired and love my new expressions of self...I am still glowing from the experience. I started with my purse and my next leap will be the boots. I love each purchase and feel my study of colors deepening after a few hours with you. I love the idea of you coming up to Alaska to share your gifts up north."

    ~ Juliana

    I am so confident now!

    It was so lovely to be together with you, watching you do your magic with Bonnie!! Changing shirts with her, wow, it looked so much better on her! What fun, and you are so loving to all of us women, with our insecurities. I am delighted with my colors and very reassured now to go through my wardrobe and stick to my palette of colors.”

    ~ Joanne Lescher

  • Harmonizing your home decor

    Colors, textures, shapes, organization ...your home can reveal your beauty too.



    Where we tour your home and develop a sense of what it needs for a make over.



    The fun part, playing with ideas to turn your home into an extension of your look.


    The Make Over

    Putting it together. You'll be surprised how much can be done with what you have.

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    Color Harmonics Parties

    Get together with your girlfriends to have fun learning about your colors and what clothing brings out the true you.

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    What is a Closet Makeover?

    Clean out what's not working, organize, make piles for mending, altering, and giveaways.


    Recycle to second hand stores.

    Make a few new outfits and take pictures of them so you can easily re-create them.

  • The Color Harmonic Shopping Excursion

    Learn how to shop with your customized fan. Choose colors and outfits

    that harmonize with your design, style, and personality.

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    Dress so people see your radiance and authenticity (not just your clothing). Know your power and supportive colors. Learn what metals and prints will work best for you and your wardrobe.


    Make shopping easy and efficient and fun. Don't waste money and time shopping for clothes that don't enhance your beauty. You don't need to spend a fortune to look beautiful.

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    A Whole Lot of Fun

    "Tashina offers a truly amazing service to help us find our true colors, which makes us and the world shine brighter!"