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    Is it a real virus? Is it connected to pre-existing conditions? What about toxins in the environment? 5-G rollouts? Are deaths under-reported, or over-reported? Every day brings surprises. But what we know, and will always know, is that taking responsibility for our own health is important. It...
    Honesty. How healthy are you, really? The global pandemic we are currently navigating is teaching us just how important our health is. Deaths attributed to the Covid-19 virus have been occurring mostly among older people with the majority of them having pre-existing conditions. It's pretty...
    March 7, 2020 · 1
    Grief. It hollows us out, leaving us empty of joy.   Winter comes in the world, then spring. Likewise, there are seasons in our lives. Grief is not respected in our culture but it can be a deeply healing experience. In fact, it can become part of recovering our health.   Who have you lost?...
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